This is for all the cats out there that love their home comforts and hate the disruption of going to a cattery, most cats don't travel well either and hate car journeys.

Catcomforts will come in every day, usually one or two visits a day, and see to your fury friends every need. Litter trays, feeding and watering will be taken care of. I can provide you with regular updates and photos to reassure you that all is fine. You'll then be able to go away knowing everything is being taken care of.

I cover East/West Hunsbury, Hunsbury Meadows, and Collingtree park.

I will arrange a meeting with you before you book and hopefully meet the "special little one" too, although I understand they're usually far too busy out mousing for this! I'm also happy to do extra little jobs like putting the bins out, picking up post and watering the plants.

Call 07704 575618

Tallulah - a very pampered British Blue

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